Sports Injury Treatment

At The North Devon Sports Injury Clinic our aim is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of the patient back to optimum levels of functional, occupational, and sports specific fitness.

Injury does not need to occur on a sports field to qualify as a sports injury.
A sports injury can be defined as trauma inflicted to muscles, tendons ligaments or other associated soft tissues surrounding the above and the joints that they protect.

A sports injury can be caused by gardening, building, farming or simply making the bed. Furthermore, one need not suffer from immediate impact or trauma to experience a sports
injury, as the onset of pain may gradually creep up on you due to overuse syndrome

Treatment will be decided, based on a full examination and assessment of the injury. Treatment modalities will normally comprise of some or all of the following:

• Sports Massage 
• Electrotherapy

• Mobilisations
 & Myofascial Release
• Postural Realignment
• Gait Analysis
• Orthotics
• Rehabilitation
 & Injury Prevention